are you a starter, finisher, or stabilizer?

The key is to surround yourself with team members who love to ensure everything gets done and runs smoothly.

Are you a Starter, Finisher, or Stabilizer?

Never heard of these terms? It’s OK. Neither did I, in the context of business, until I started working as an Operations Manager several years ago.

Let’s discuss each as it’s essential to understand this distinction in ourselves and our team.

A Starter likes to get the ball rolling – they are the visionary. They see the world through a lens of opportunity and how things can change for the better. They are passionate and driven by their ideas – nothing gives them more pleasure than a great (new) idea and the possibility it creates.

A Finisher likes to get stuff done – they love to plug into someone else’s ideas and help bring them to life. They naturally see what it will take to accomplish a goal – the steps, resources, and timeline – and don’t feel satisfied until they see measurable progress.

A Stabilizer likes to keep the engine running – stability drives them – chaos, messes, and surprises drive them crazy! They have an eye for detail and a heart of service, knowing that a strong foundation is what keeps the vision (ideas) alive. They are satisfied when everything runs as it should, daily, and with excellence.

Which one resonates with you the most? You might even relate to more than one.

Many of my clients are Starters. My clients are great at coming up with big ideas that solve big problems. However, once they have their services and are fulfilling their purpose of service, they start to disengage. Once the creation is live, their natural tendency is to move on to the next thing.

Does this sound like you?

If so, embrace your strengths and accept that you may not be a Stabilizer or Finisher, and that’s OK.

It doesn’t mean that everything you create is bound to fall by the wayside and disappear. Instead, the key is to surround yourself with strong Finishers & Stabilizers – team members who love to ensure everything gets done and runs smoothly for the long haul.

As a Finisher and Stabilizer, my zone of genius is putting the systems and structures in place that bring your visionary ideas to life. I love seeing progress and bringing things to completion. In addition, my goal is to build a strong foundation to sustain growth.

So, now I’d like to ask you a question. How does your current team compliment your nature?

For my business, I thrive on connecting with powerful Starters.

If you’re a Starter, you need strong Finishers & Stabilizers around you to keep the success engine running.

Know yourself.
Honor yourself.
And surround yourself with support members that compliment you.

If you are interested in exploring this concept further? I’d love to dig deeper with you.