Author: The Virtual Pixie

Leaky Bucket Syndrome

Picture this: You’re making money. Sales are higher than ever. The clients are rolling in. Everything you have been working towards is finally coming true. Woohoo!

But, to your surprise, it is beginning to feel like your business is sucking the life out of you. Strange things are starting to happen in your business that is causing you alarm.

Solo Mode vs CEO Mode

There are two ways business owners can run a business: 1. Solo mode 2. CEO mode. Depending on which lens you are looking through at the moment, there are times when you need to make decisions that you may not want to make.

The Invisible Workload

The ‘invisible workload’ – the weight of having to think about and plan everything. We refer to this as the invisible workload because even if you’re not doing everything, you might be the one THINKING about everything and making all the decisions.